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jueves, 21 de enero de 2010

Bodyboarding Kuna Yala

Ambas fotos fueron tomadas desde la orilla de Chichimé, al extremo del archipiélago Kuna. Ambas olas pueden tener unos 12 pies.

Múltiples, located in the Atoll of Chichimé, Caribbean side of Panama. Incredible spot with the most transparent water that exists.

Over white stones, a deep pulse of water energy, breaks in perfect long lefts, in some cases with more than 1 km of ride.

This day, we were looking for a Big Swell ! The forecast told us waves will be until 15 feet, and the wind will blow off shore ! The Month ? July !

Múltiples, is a Dream Spot, we surfed there with a lot of silence and one of the most amazing views on earth !

Viviendo el Surf.

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