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jueves, 4 de febrero de 2010

Surfer , Where you want to live ?

All year long, you can surf the Pacific side just driving 1 hour from Panama City.
The coast from Chame thru Farallón, has many surf spots, all , with perfect shape and incredible colors.
Wild Life in Panama. Remember : ALL YEAR LONG !
Maybe you should try drive 1 hour and be in the caribbean side of Panama, or 3 hours and be here, in Kuna Yala ? ; just e mail : !


Everybody who is in to the sport knows something about traveling. Put some fuel in your car, buy an airline tkt or just travel in the internet.

Now, if we make an important decission, such as : where i want to be while i am existing ?, we need to agree somehow that the place to choose is Panama.

This little country, has everything to be considered as paradise. Modern City and a lot of coastline with PERFECT waves all year long.

If you need assistance on buying properties in Panama : just e mail : a Real Estate Broker will assist you with information about Panama.
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