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miércoles, 17 de octubre de 2012

12.12.12- Relocations -preview video

Relocations Official Trailer from ID. Boards on Vimeo.
It's an honour to present of our first international film project as a company.

Relocations was an idea that was born out of the desire to show Australia to our friends, Magno and Amaury. These great men are a rich part of our bodyboarding family and they each represent a country or people group that make up the sport we love.

By sharing our waves, our strengths and our resources together, we can unite our sport and build the future.
This is the start of an ongoing experiment to prove how valuable our international riders are, and how much fun we can have together.

We truly live in an amazing place, and it's even more amazing when shared.

" Get ready to be Relocated "

In Association with Riptide Magazine and Agent Eighteen
Presented by ID. Boards
A Film By Tyge Landa
Produced by WebbedHands Creative

Starring: Glen Thurston, Magno Passos and Amaury Lavernhe
Guest Riders: Nick Gornal, Jeff Hubbard, Matty Mcarthur

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