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martes, 22 de octubre de 2013

El Camino de la Sal - por MARCOS AGUA - Video RECOMENDADO

The Salt Trail // TRAILER from The Salt Trail on Vimeo.
The Salt Trail // A self funded feature surf/travel film by Mark Waters.

The Salt Trail website //

Producer // Director // Cinematographer // Editor // Mark Waters

Travel Buddy // Motivator // tripod carrier (sometimes) // Ice Breaker // Smiler - Sunnie Powles

Arial Footage -Vít Hašek // Pilot- Daniel Pék-

Trailer Song | Zack Hemsey - Facing Demons


This is a visual story about splashing some colour into your lives, by opening your eyes, breaking away from the mould and following your dreams. As wave sliders, we are inspired by waves to travel the globe in search of perfect waves but the deeper you look and the further you go, you realise that its not about finding that perfect slide...its about the people you meet and what you find along the way and how these experiences change you deep within.

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