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miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014


nace la CBA

Happy new year full of blessings and waves, i write to you to formalize the CBA TOUR since at the beginning of the year in Hawaii is going to make a meeting of the WAS GOING to give you the points to this regional tour, the web page i'm already working on it in the Facebook account was created a CBA tour and on twitter @cba_tour is new, i would like to propose a tentative date to organize an event by country with a minimum structure and a minimum prizemoney to begin depending on the sponsor clear whether there are good sponsor awards and climb the structure with judges endorsed by the IBA and grow as parallel to the tour was within our region as you will see The IBA is not very well and is an opportunity to emerge this initiative still composed of the following sponsors:

CBA Promoter

 Panama - Geovanni Greco- Sasha R - Mario Perez
 Venezuela - Alberto Colucci - Sergio Alonzo
 Colombia - Andres Porras 
 Costa Rica - Felipe Fernandez - Raymar Ramirez
 Barbados - Alan Alleyne
 Guadalupe - Mikael Vaillant
 Martinica - Nicolas Clemente   
 Puerto Rico - Natasha Sagardia
 Republica Dominicana - Guillermo de Orbe

 Media - Alejandra Altuve 
 Headjudge - Chico Garritano


Alberto Colucci

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