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jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2014

Charging the Barrel - Documental Inglés !

Charging the Barrel from Pye Productions on Vimeo.
Pye Production’s Charging the Barrel serves as a glimpse into the relationship between the unpredictable Cornish surf and the “neoprene clad warriors” that strive to tame it.

Finian Pye, director, found his inspiration in the surf films that he was brought up with. The power of the sea, the clean cut waves and the steady sets inspired him to create several surf films of his own. His projects present a scene that contrasts starkly with those of traditional surf films. Charging the Barrel consists of jagged cliff faces rather than clear waters, cloudy skies rather than unspoilt sun, men in head to toe wetsuits rather than beautiful young women in stringy bikinis. But this is where the joy of the film is.

Rather than celebrating perfection this film celebrates raw enthusiasm.

Premiered at the Bristol Surf Film Festival

For more infomation on the making of please follow this link:

Featuring music from:

Backbeat Soundsystem
Bag of Toys
Crazy Arm
The Rumble-O's

jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2014

Video #UNDIAENELWEDGE - presentado por

#UNDIAENELWEDGE from Viviendo el Surf on Vimeo.
@Rusticcool presenta #UNDIAENELWEDGE
Música de : Musical Youth - Pass the Dutchie , Celt Islam - Change like Weather , Lorn - Left Side .
Filmado por : Alexander Salazar , Nina Ureña y Yanniris Marcadella ( desde la arena ). En el agua : Sasha y @aroalex
Editado por :
producido por
Auspiciado por
Riders: Giovanni Greco, Alejandro Arosemena, Salomón Chocrón, Adolfo Ortiz, David Ureña, Abraham Antepaz, Moises Pérez, Alexander Salazar , Daniel Pérez, Salomón Bittan, Gustavo Arosemena y José Rodríguez.
San Carlos - Panamá, República de Panamá.