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domingo, 28 de junio de 2015


Slab Saturday - Big Wave Surfing from PanBot on Vimeo.
The much anticipated "swell of a decade" hit Western Australia's coast and it was one for the history books. Pro surfers Mark Mathews, Mick Corbett, Chris Ross and plenty more braved the conditions to conquer the giant slabs at WA's notorious big wave bombie, The Right.

The crew at PanBot travelled down to capture a Virtual Reality experience but unfortunately due to the bone breaking swell, on the first wave the mount snapped and all 6 cameras were lost - Luckily the behind the scenes camera was able to capture the day's events and it made for a mind blowing video. Check out PanBot for more surf/snow/skate/dive virtual reality clips -

Awesome music by:
Artist - Skies
Track - Call For My Heart

Jet ski driver - Karl Carosella
Filmed and Edited by Carsten Reimers (

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